Make It Through Recovery with Music


Although music can seem like an unexpected method of therapy, it is scientifically proven to be beneficial in many areas key to addiction recovery. When used in combination with other techniques and treatments, music therapy can be a necessary and welcome addition to your treatment care. Music can influence your emotions and mood, allowing you

Examining the Steps: Step 4


The 12-step program is an essential resource in addiction recovery. The helpful healing process can guide you along a path to inner light and warmth. However, in order to reach your goals, you need to understand each step and how they are necessary in helping you achieve the life you deserve. The fourth step in

Intensive Psychotherapy for Treating Addiction


Each recovery journey is different, and treatment greatly depends on the individual struggling with addiction. Intensive psychotherapy is a popular option as it offers a schedule that is fairly customizable and adjustable to the individual experience. Treatment and strategies demonstrated during intensive psychotherapy can decrease the likelihood of relapse and increase the happiness and health

Addiction Rehabilitation for Alcoholism


Alcoholism, or excessive, extended use of alcohol, can greatly impact and affect your body. The negative results are abundant and diverse. Rehabilitation centers are able to provide you with a safe recovery environment. Centers like these can help you avoid the fatal effects of alcohol abuse and guide you through the process of creating habits

What Families Can Expect From an Addict in Recovery


Once your loved one has successfully become clean and abstinent from the substance that previously ruled them, you may expect the future to improve. Your loved one has completed an important first step on the journey to recovery and sustained abstinence, but the fight is not over yet. After detoxification, emotions will be very raw,

Beating Addiction (You Can Do This)


Addiction can affect anyone, and it often comes in various forms and degrees. Although recovery may seem an impossible goal miles away, you can fight addiction and you can win. Everyone does some sort of activity in excess. They key is being able to break through the obstacles and old patterns with diligence, smart choices,

Beating the Winter Blues in Recovery


Being stuck indoors during the cold, harsh weather of winter months can lead to sleeping in, avoiding social opportunities, and neglecting emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. While it is a natural reaction to this season, it doesn’t have to happen. We’ll discuss why it happens and ways to combat it ahead.    

How Addictive is Nicotine?


We certainly know that nicotine is addictive, but just how addictive is it? We’ll explore that, as well as take a look into how it affects the body and how to control an addiction to it.   Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States. According to

Examining the Steps: Step 3


The third step in the AA program is very important. Essentially, it means that you need to make a decision to allow a higher power to take control of your mind, body, and life. In addition, it means that you will trust them to guide you down the right path. For many, this higher power

Pounding Energy Drinks Can Lead to Caffeine Addiction


Energy drinks contain dangerous levels of caffeine, and drinking multiple energy drinks per day can cause extreme symptoms and addiction. Energy drink addiction is rising. About 50% of young adults consume excessive amounts of caffeine from energy drinks. Many people do not realize how dangerous addiction to energy drinks can be. In fact, addiction to