Your Guide For Summer Forest Bathing

  Summer forest, what? Forest bathing is an ancient practice rooting in Japan. Throughout the country of Japan there are hundreds of miles of trails and forests designated by the government as part of their national health system because in Japanese culture, regularly taking walk through the forests is a designated component for good health.

Yoga Therapy Helps Recovering Addicts In Mind, Body, And Spirit

  “Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga,” according to The International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga is an ancient eastern practice which focuses the mind on the body and the breath through a series of

Nature Therapy Proven To Increase Mood And Motivation

  Almost every aspect of treatment, from clinical therapy to holistic healing, is designed for two primary purposes: relapse prevention and making meaning. Nature therapy is important for enhancing the treatment experience. While reducing depression and increasing a commitment to treatment, nature based therapy of all kinds- from natural surroundings to nature excursions- help those