Why Can’t I Change My Loved One’s Mind About Going To Treatment?

  It is one of the most heartbreaking experience anyone can face. They see their loved one, be it a family member, friend, or coworker, struggling against their mental health. Whether there is a  mental health condition like depression, bipolar, borderline, or anxiety; a substance use disorder like addiction or alcoholism; or a behavioral compulsion

Benefits Of Long Term Addiction Treatment

  The 30 day model of addiction treatment is rapidly becoming a treatment of the past. For full autonomy and success of recovery, long term addiction treatment which gradually increases independence is critical.   More time in treatment is more time sober: Research has proven that a longer length of stay in treatment results in

The Reasons You Won’t Go To Therapy And The Benefits Of Going Anyway

  Therapy is an old practice. Before clinical therapy, people sought religious counsel, talking about their problems and seeking advice for changing their ways. During treatment for mental health and addiction, therapy is in everything you do every day, as well as in individual sessions and group therapy sessions. After treatment, it  is part of

“Pure O” Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Without Compulsion

Obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, is defined by its namesake. The mental health disorder is most commonly characterized by the concurrent existence of intrusive, unwanted, obsessive thinking, and habitual compulsive behaviors. Compulsive behaviors of cleanliness are frequently referenced, like needing to straighten pictures, wash hands, and remove any dirty imperfections. It isn’t the cleanliness which

When Is The Right Time To Ask For Help About A Mental Health Issue?

  Asking for help is a tremendous start to a series of life changing events. You do not have to live in pain or continue to suffer. Help is available. When Is Too Late? It’s hard to discuss timing being “too late” in seeking help for mental health issues. What constitutes too late? An emotional

Bipolar Depression And Bipolar Mania: Maintaining Therapy Is Important

  Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by shifting episodes of mania and depression. Frequently, bipolar is co-occurring with alcoholism and drug addiction, in addition to other harmful compulsive behaviors. Bipolar Depression Depression in bipolar compared to generalized depression disorders have most things in common. While people with clinical depression experience stages of

Do I Need To Go To Rehab? 5 Signs It’s Time

Denial, lack of information, and sheer stubbornness can get in the way of making the important decision to seek treatment for a drug and alcohol problem.   Your are intoxicated more often than not: Not every addict or alcoholic is intoxicated all the time. Maybe you’re not intoxicated day and night, but you find that

Medication Management? Use An App For That

Coming to treatment can mean discovering underlying health issues and co-occurring disorders which have never been treated before. Medication might become part of your life, either for a while, or for a lifetime. Managing medication in a safe and responsible way is possible because, like with so many things, there’s an app for that. What

Everyone Agrees: Mental Health Stigma Has To Go

Patrick J. Kennedy of the infamous Kennedy bloodline has spoken publicly about mental health in his life, his family’s life, and the life of millions of Americans. Many times he has courageously stepped forward and said “My name is Patrick and I’m an alcoholic and an addict.” In Kennedy’s childhood, there wasn’t discussion about mental

3 Keys To Being A Successful And Effective Mentor In Recovery

The program at LEAD Recovery Center is supported by mentorship which is given from clients in one phase of our treatment program to the next. Peer recovery support can be effective in supplementing the clinical recovery process. Even when a therapist and an entire treatment team is in recovery themselves, they can still seem like