Intensive Psychotherapy for Treating Addiction


Each recovery journey is different, and treatment greatly depends on the individual struggling with addiction. Intensive psychotherapy is a popular option as it offers a schedule that is fairly customizable and adjustable to the individual experience. Treatment and strategies demonstrated during intensive psychotherapy can decrease the likelihood of relapse and increase the happiness and health of patients. This type of therapy allows you to understand your purpose you need to fulfill in your own life and helps you to understand your internal desires and fears, the objects that color your decisions and actions. Intensive psychotherapy can be rewarding and extremely beneficial to the patient, especially in helping you to understand yourself and your needs.

The therapy generally takes place in 4 – 5 consecutive days. Each day consists of around 6 hours of therapy, but the schedules can be adjusted and shifted to create a comfortable and successful layout for the patients. The needs of the individual are of the highest importance, and the therapy can be adjusted to best suit your situation. In some cases, clients may need to split up days of sessions due to work, location, or financial funding. Do not hesitate in seeking treatment. These issues should not stop you from receiving the healing process you deserve.

Although intensive psychotherapy treatment is not as relaxing as a traditional retreat, it can be intensely productive, helpful, and fulfilling to the individual. By creating an extensive program to address mental, physical, and relationship issues, this therapy can greatly benefit the addict. In addition, it is necessary to avoid home life or work distractions while undergoing treatment. You do not want to have any distractions come between you and your healing, including discomfort or stress.

Therapy can consist of many different treatment options, including adventure or equine assisted therapy. Some methods also practiced in therapy are motivational interviews, mindful meditation, and psychodrama therapy, experimental therapy, structured couple therapy, family therapy, and 12-step programs or support groups.

In addition, patients are usually scheduled for follow-up appointments with a therapist that the staff helps you decide upon. Intensive psychotherapy is healthy for people in all stages of life, recovery, and addiction. Psychotherapy is like receiving the benefits of 6 months of therapy all at once. The outlook you leave the treatment with can help you view addiction and life in ways you previously were incapable of. You can open new possibilities and opportunities to help you create a happy, healthy life full of love and hope. Addiction doesn’t have to rule you.

Intensive psychotherapy can help you look at the impact of your addiction and the causes of your addiction. You can then learn coping and communication skills, address any anger or grief you may feel, talk through relationships, address spirituality, and set goals and plans for your future. LEAD Recovery Center can help you discover a healthy plan for recovery and guide you through your treatment. The trained specialists can help you achieve the goals and plans you have for your future, and help you set realistic and achievable expectations for recovery that create hope and joy. Call (800) 380-0012 for more information.