Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the belief that substance abuse and other mental health conditions present challenges that require help to overcome. It is of utmost importance to have help that involves a carefully assessed and planned program, while at the same time precisely balances challenges with timely and appropriate interventions.

Individuals need to experience treatment in their own way. Therefore, we place heavy emphasis on the individual and their specific path. There will be interviews and assessments that consistently influence treatment, life skills, and adventure.

Humans learn from other humans. Role modeling is an important aspect of our program and we provide support, community networks (sponsors), mentors, and staff. All of our staff intrinsically know how to live a healthy lifestyle and work hard for each client to see the results and find their own path.

For more information about LEAD Recovery Center, please call us toll-free at (800) 380-0012. We’re ready to help.

Insurances We Accept

• Aetna   • Blue Cross   • Cigna   • Magellan
• Value Option
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