Examining the Steps: Step 4


The 12-step program is an essential resource in addiction recovery. The helpful healing process can guide you along a path to inner light and warmth. However, in order to reach your goals, you need to understand each step and how they are necessary in helping you achieve the life you deserve. The fourth step in this program is basically taking inventory of your moral inventory of your faults and fears without allowing them to hinder your journey of healing.

The most important goal to accomplish during this step is understanding why your addiction began. If you can determine the cause and feelings behind why you began your drinking, you can begin to fully heal wounds that you may not have been aware existed. If you refuse to acknowledge these issues, you can become stuck in similar patterns of abuse and recovery while never truly healing. You must examine your emotional problems to help you begin a life of sobriety and happiness.

Honesty is another key skill to demonstrate to yourself during this stage. Be honest about your issues, failures, and shortcomings. Be truthful about your emotional issues and the reasons that could have caused drinking. Deceit has no place in this program, and it has no place in your soul. Honesty is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those around you. Don’t let your fear of rejection or shame get in the way of the truth.

In addition, do not place your failures on others. Do not blame those close to you for things that may have resulted in your situation. Accept responsibility instead of shrugging away from the spotlight of moral inventory and evaluation. If you have lied to those you love, acknowledge that you’ve hurt them. If you boast and brag, own up to your own hubris. Admit your selfishness, acknowledge your self-loathing and shame. Note the pain you’ve caused, and understand that you can become healthy and happy again. Don’t hold back during this stage because you will only be holding back your own healing. Try to truly access the roots of the problem so you can logically and accurately treat any illnesses or feelings of doubt that may have caused the situation. You deserve a better life, as do the ones you love. Don’t let addiction rule you, and don’t let shame control your healing.

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