About Us

Welcome to LEAD Recovery Center

LEAD Recovery Center is an individualized program that supports adults during their transition from a variety of environments to living a healthy lifestyle. The goal for each person who collaborates with our team is to move toward autonomy. Through this collaboration, adults will gain experience in grasping teachable moments and build on them utilizing clinical, life skills, and experiential learning in each moment. The result is confidence in handling life’s challenges.

To ensure a comprehensive and experienced program, we draw on years of clinical expertise (LEAD) to clients, families, professionals, and programs. We have been an established, reliable local clinical program for over 25 years. Our expertise is in facilitating growth through supporting the transitions to autonomy.

We are established as pioneers (check out our News and Media) for providing a program that bridges the gap from treatment to solidifying life-long goals and fulfilling dreams.

For more information about LEAD Recovery Center, please call us toll-free at (800) 380-0012. We’re ready to help.

Insurances We Accept

• Aetna   • Blue Cross   • Cigna   • Magellan
• Value Option