Why Can’t I Change My Loved One’s Mind About Going To Treatment?

  It is one of the most heartbreaking experience anyone can face. They see their loved one, be it a family member, friend, or coworker, struggling against their mental health. Whether there is a  mental health condition like depression, bipolar, borderline, or anxiety; a substance use disorder like addiction or alcoholism; or a behavioral compulsion

4 Facts About Mental Illness That Will Make You Feel Better About Having One

  You are not alone with your mental illness. Millions of people around the world live with a diagnosis. Millions more people live struggling with the symptoms of mental illness undiagnosed and untreated.   Everybody’s Got Something: There’s nothing worse than living with depression and having someone tell you to cheer up, or living with

Do Intrusive Thoughts Happen To Everyone With Mental Illness?

  Recovery teaches us many lessons about learning to detach from our thoughts mindfully, practicing simply noticing them, becoming aware of them, and objectively observing them. We learn that our thoughts are not always our friends and have to be taken with caution. Mindfulness practices and therapeutic methods like cognitive behavioral therapy as well as