Video Games, Internet, Gambling Are All Addictive

Video game addiction is not a classified addiction according to psychological professionals and scientific researchers. For the many people who experience the obsessive and compulsive need to play video games, feeling out of control of their ability to stop, the term ‘addiction’ seems adequate. Defined addictions like gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, and drug and addiction,

How to Stop Enabling the Addict in your Life


  Enabling is when an individual does anything, either directly or indirectly, that helps the person with addiction continue to use drugs or alcohol. This is often done in the interest of avoiding pain or awkwardness with the addicted loved one without an understanding of the consequences. However, enabling is a habit and like most

Adventure Racing Addiction? Why Some People Get Extreme To Have A Good Time

According to Men’s Fitness, people who love “Mudding” races, obstacle races full of extreme physical challenges, might be suffering from a life identity crisis. 26 participants were interviewed for the study, but the researchers went to “Tough Mudder” brand races in the UK, Australia, and the US. Mud Races are full of challenging obstacles which

7 Myths About Hallucinogens To Dispel

Hallucinogenic drugs don’t often receive much attention when it comes to substance use disorders because they’re not particularly addicting. However, the use of hallucinogenic drugs is controversial when it comes to treating addiction and other mental health disorders. Many hallucinogenic substances, from LSD to psilocybin, magic mushrooms, are being clinically tested as alternatives to mental

What It Means When Your Skin Breaks Out During Treatment

There’s a long list of physical symptoms which accompany early recovery. Early recovery is the beginning months of someone’s sober life, usually going from day one to about eighteen months to two years. During the first two years of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, there are ongoing physical changes. Weight loss, weight gain, change

9 Ways Addiction Changes The Family

Trust: lying is commonly a part of addiction. A loved one who knows they are unable to stop yet aren’t yet able to admit that fact will resort to lying out of a need to protect their addiction as well as protect you, their family. They know they’ve let you down time and time again.

Does Addiction To MDMA Happen?

MDMA made its appearance in the 1980’s and quickly raised eyebrows both as a concern and a fascinating alternative for depression treatment. In recent years, MDMA first fell off the radar then made headlines again. As the electronic music movement grew and exploded into summer long music festivals, reports of death and overdose on MDMA

The No-Brainer Way To Get Better At Self Control: Control Yourself More

If addicts and alcoholics could control their obsessive impulses to drink and use drugs, they probably wouldn’t have an issue. Scientists are constantly researching the inner workings of the brain to find the specific ways in which impulse control is lost and gained when it comes to drugs and alcohol. According to Medical Daily, researchers

Adventure Therapy For Trauma Treatment

50% of children experience trauma in their youth. Most adults will experience trauma at some point in their lifetimes. Children who experience abuse become adults who have been abused. Not all adults, or adult children, who experience trauma will grow up to have symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder or any kind of mental illness.

How to Help an Alcoholic in Need


In many cases, the word help means to make something easier for someone else by providing your service, money, or resources. When addiction is involved, the best way to help the addict is by detaching yourself from the situation. Don’t let yourself try and manage the behavior. You can love the addict, but you have