Spending Time In Nature Changes The Brain

The Japanese culture loves nature. Hundreds of miles of walking trails all throughout the country are government owned, prescribed to Japanese citizens as part of their national health plan. Tree bathing is an ancient practice meant to improve health and wellbeing. Regarding nature as a preventative and medicinal practice is more common in the East

The Best Approach For Managing Your Anxiety

Anxiety can both inspire and be inspired by substance abuse. After so many years of relying upon drugs and alcohol to cope with fears and anxious feelings, people are left unprepared to cope with the anxiety which has always been present. A commonly co-occurring disorder with substance abuse. Try To Understand Your Anxiety If you

Depression Got You Down? Here’s The Upside To What You’re Going Through

Depression can cause you to feel a lot of things in a very heavy way. Unfortunately, some of those things aren’t the most pleasant. For example, you might feel unmotivated, hopeless, helpless, and melancholy. Without the inspiration, interest and passion you need to encourage you, you often just give up. Handing in the towel is

What Can I Do To Change My Mood Without Changing My Sobriety Date?

Sometimes we just run out of options. We’ve used every tool we have. We’ve called every person we can. We’ve gone to meetings. We’ve meditated. We’ve exercised. We’ve taken a nap. No matter what we try we cannot shake the unshakeable mood we are in, a mood which is inspiring an obsessive and insatiable preoccupation

Relax? Just Do It! 8 Ways To Relax, Right Now

Breathing Exercises The breath is the source of life. When you are struggling to find a moment to connect, your breath is the way to go. By bringing your attention back to your breath, you immediately connect to yourself. Usually when you get stressed out you become disconnected. The breath is grounding and helps bring

Meditating On Meditating? Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Just Meditate

Meditating is a turnoff to a lot of people. Who needs it? You do! Everyone can benefit from a  daily meditation practice. Here’s why: Stress Reduction: Stress can come from just about anywhere. The heart, the mind, and the body suffer when stress is not properly regulated and managed. Meditation is proven to reduce stress,

Are You An Emotional Eater? Break The Habit With These Steps

Food addiction is a real problem for many people. In treatment for recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, it is easy to develop a replacement addiction. Replacement addictions are other compulsive behaviors which act as a distraction, obsession, and production of dopamine for the brain. Food tastes good. Food feels good. Our relationship with

Tips For Eating From Your Intuition, Not Your Impulses

You are what you eat. If you are eating impulsively, you’re probably acting impulsively. If you are eating intuitively, you might be living more intuitively in other areas of your life. Eating might not be the first area you consider practicing living by your intuition more than your impulses, because you probably don’t think it

5 Unhealthy Recovery Resolutions That You Probably Won’t Keep

“Keep it simple” is a term heard frequently in recovery. Especially as addicts and alcoholics, we tend to make recovery complicated. Staying sober is relatively simple- we don’t pick up a drink or a drug, no matter what happens. However, maintaining that simple goal every day takes a lot of work. One of the easiest

6 Important Things About The Affordable Care Act And The Opioid Epidemic

As a new administration continues settling in at the nation’s capital, the topics of addiction treatment, mental health coverage, health insurance, and the opioid epidemic are becoming one. The groundbreaking Affordable Care Act provided insurance to millions of people who had never been able to afford it before. Additionally, within even that state supported medical