It’s important to Take Responsibility for your Life and Actions


  Newcomers to recovery need to learn how to manage their sobriety once detox and treatment has concluded. They have to have the right attitude toward recovery in addition to having a firm intention and commitment to stay sober and clean. However, the best intentions can be defeated by outdated ideas of addiction. One of

10 Reasons Being Sober Today Is AWESOME

You’re Not Wasted: Some days this is more exciting than others. Even on your worst days sober, they are better than your best days drinking and using. It was fun until it wasn’t. Today, you get to live your life without the foggy haze of drugs and alcohol. You’re Not Hurting Yourself: Self-harm isn’t a

What Can I Do To Change My Mood Without Changing My Sobriety Date?

Sometimes we just run out of options. We’ve used every tool we have. We’ve called every person we can. We’ve gone to meetings. We’ve meditated. We’ve exercised. We’ve taken a nap. No matter what we try we cannot shake the unshakeable mood we are in, a mood which is inspiring an obsessive and insatiable preoccupation

Preventing Relapse: The Name of the Game


When dealing with addiction, you have to learn how to cope with cravings, stomp feelings of guilt, and deal with setbacks. Some people can be confused going into addiction because of the words relapse and setbacks. A setback is a mistake or obstacle to conquer. It’s something that’s in the way of your goal. It’s

Treating Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms


Vicodin is categorized as a man-made opioid drug with dangerous addictive qualities. The drug contains hydrocodone, which affects an area of the brain that is usually tasked with regulating pain. The Vicodin is commonly used to treat pain because it manages the opiate receptors in the brain which treat pain. Vicodin is one of the

Examining the Steps: Step 4


The 12-step program is an essential resource in addiction recovery. The helpful healing process can guide you along a path to inner light and warmth. However, in order to reach your goals, you need to understand each step and how they are necessary in helping you achieve the life you deserve. The fourth step in

Intensive Psychotherapy for Treating Addiction


Each recovery journey is different, and treatment greatly depends on the individual struggling with addiction. Intensive psychotherapy is a popular option as it offers a schedule that is fairly customizable and adjustable to the individual experience. Treatment and strategies demonstrated during intensive psychotherapy can decrease the likelihood of relapse and increase the happiness and health

To Stop Smoking Weed, You Have To Want To


In order to truly allow yourself to heal, you have to be the one to initiate healing. You cannot try to recover from addiction because someone else wants or needs you to. If you are not the one motivating yourself to become clean, the chance of you remaining clean is drastically low. The Self-Management and

Addiction Rehabilitation for Alcoholism


Alcoholism, or excessive, extended use of alcohol, can greatly impact and affect your body. The negative results are abundant and diverse. Rehabilitation centers are able to provide you with a safe recovery environment. Centers like these can help you avoid the fatal effects of alcohol abuse and guide you through the process of creating habits

How to Help an Addict Without Enabling


The truth can be many things. When addiction is involved, it can be liberating, refreshing, and over all good for your mind and body. However, you need to understand that you cannot control whether or not people are cured, even when they are the ones you love. No amount of love or affection can cure