Tips for Dealing with Teen Relapse


Addiction is a lifelong struggle and teenagers, who faced a substance addiction early in life, have a long road ahead of them to fight for sobriety. After completing drug or alcohol treatment, teens are still at risk for relapsing for many years afterward. In fact, 40% to 60% of people relapse after treatment, including teens.

Do I Need To Go To Rehab? 5 Signs It’s Time

Denial, lack of information, and sheer stubbornness can get in the way of making the important decision to seek treatment for a drug and alcohol problem.   Your are intoxicated more often than not: Not every addict or alcoholic is intoxicated all the time. Maybe you’re not intoxicated day and night, but you find that

5 Reasons Why You Should Wait To Date In Recovery

Dating can be great in recovery but it can also be a threat for relapse if you try to get into a relationship before you’re ready. Here is why:   You’re Not Sure Where You’re Going To Be In A Year: Recovery can take us places. We discover our likes, our dislikes, and feel worthy

Be A Rockstar Sponsor And Peer Mentor In Recovery

Making it in recovery makes you an inspiration. Part of the program means passing on your knowledge and experience to others. Be Choosy With Who You Spend Time With Recovery is a challenging process for mind, body, and spirit. It takes a lot of courage, willingness, and open-mindedness to really dive in and the work

4 Sure Fire Ways To Get Through Life’s Challenges With Confidence

When life hands you lemons, make the best lemonade life has ever tasted. Here’s four ways to get through life’s challenges like the confident leader you have become through recovery. Create Realistic Non-Negotiables When life has demands, they demand to be met. Learning to live life on life’s terms is part of the gig in

Nature Is Good For You. Here’s How Much Of It You Need.

The facts are undeniable. Spending time in nature makes you a happier, healthier, person. Whether you’re on an excursion across the globe or across your backyard, being outside in the elements for even a short amount of time improves your wellbeing, mind, body, and spirit. According to Mindful, “spending 60 minutes in nature helps you

3 Things You Learn About Yourself In Recovery

Christopher Robin, the beloved childhood icon who is famous for his furry friends who live in the Hundred Acre Wood, once gave an encouraging sentiment to his best friend, Winnie The Pooh. He said, “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” You’re Braver Than You Believe To be

Neurofeedback For Mental Health Recovery

The use of neurofeedback is becoming a standard in treatment for mental health disorders. Learn more about how it works and why it is an important tool for recovery here. How Neurofeedback Works Electrodes are placed on the head in five distinct areas to collect electric pulses from brain waves. The client sits comfortably while

Longer Treatment Equals Greater Success For Recovery

  Twenty eight days. That is what it takes to rehabilitate someone who has struggled with severe mental illnesses lie depression or addiction for many years on end. Compared to endless months of numerous years spent altering their state of mind with harmful chemicals, twenty eight days seems like a relatively insignificant amount of time.

4 Steps For Creating A Nature-Based Self-Care Program

Nature is endless and has endless positive effects on mental health, physical health and spiritual well being. Exploring nature and having adventures doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. Instead, nature can be part of your self-care program and become part of your lifestyle.   What Do You Like To Do? Everyone