Yes, Instagram Is Bad For Mental Health, Especially Women

    Almost 1,500 young people between the ages of 14-24 were surveyed for a recent report on the way social networking sites, like Instagram and Facebook, affected their mental health. Specifically, the researchers wanted to know how social media affected anxiety, depression, self-identity, and body image. Vogue reports on the study conducted by the

Self-Harm Recovery Is Taking It One Day At A Time

  LEAD Recovery Center offers transitional care and treatment for self-harming behaviors. This article could be triggering for you. If you are in need of immediate support for self-harm, please reach out to the Crisis text Line by texting “START” to 741-741. What makes one day without self-harm different? A similar question could be asked

Video Games, Internet, Gambling Are All Addictive

Video game addiction is not a classified addiction according to psychological professionals and scientific researchers. For the many people who experience the obsessive and compulsive need to play video games, feeling out of control of their ability to stop, the term ‘addiction’ seems adequate. Defined addictions like gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, and drug and addiction,

According To Scientists, There’s Two Kinds Of Love Addiction

“Love addiction” isn’t listed in the DSM-5 it is indeed a very real addiction for those who have to live through it. Anyone who has suffered the pain of a “crush” or the agony of a breakup knows the symptoms. Many of the symptoms mirror those of someone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Everyone Agrees: Mental Health Stigma Has To Go

Patrick J. Kennedy of the infamous Kennedy bloodline has spoken publicly about mental health in his life, his family’s life, and the life of millions of Americans. Many times he has courageously stepped forward and said “My name is Patrick and I’m an alcoholic and an addict.” In Kennedy’s childhood, there wasn’t discussion about mental

Are Women More Susceptible To Technology Addiction?

Are you a thoughtful technology user, a regular technology user, a highly engaged technology user, a technology fanatic, or a technology addict? If you consider yourself to be highly engaged, a fanatic, or even addicted to technology, there’s a good chance you’re a woman. New research shows that women are more likely to be “addicted”

Feel A Panic Attack Coming? Know The Signs And What To Do

Panic attacks are not pleasant. Living with a panic disorder can mean living with chronic panic attacks. However, being in recovery and doing heavy mental processing can lead to experiencing a panic attack. Signs Of A Panic Attack: Your heart rate suddenly kicks up with no apparent trigger or reason You feel as though you

What It’s Like To Live With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder isn’t often discussed in the full capacity to which it should be. Some scoff at the idea of body dysmorphia as a disorder of vanity and self-obsession. Few realize the dangerous, painful, and debilitating lengths body dysmorphia can come to without help. In general, body dysmorphic disorder is an unhealthy fixation on

Life Coaches Say These 3 B’s Will Help You Avoid Burnout Once You’re Back In The Real World

Autonomy should be the goal of any treatment program. Those who have lived many years of their life addicted to drugs and alcohol or struggling- against the symptoms of a mental health disorder have been dependent for too long. Recovery has to be approached as if life depends on it, which it does. During treatment,