6 Reasons It’s Cool To Be Sober

  Sobriety is cool. Here are 6 reasons why:   You aren’t (part of) the problem anymore: Alcohol contributes to thousands of deaths, injuries, and accidents every single year, by the tens of thousands. Being under the influence of alcohol has statistical cost on the rest of the world. SObriety means you aren’t part of

How to Help a Friend Avoid Relapse and Maintain Sobriety


  The possibility of addiction relapse is an unfortunate reality that every individual struggling with an addiction must face. But not everyone relapses. It is estimated that about half of those treated for an addiction for the first time will remain in recovery without any setbacks. Of course the individual’s loved ones want to do everything

It’s important to Take Responsibility for your Life and Actions


  Newcomers to recovery need to learn how to manage their sobriety once detox and treatment has concluded. They have to have the right attitude toward recovery in addition to having a firm intention and commitment to stay sober and clean. However, the best intentions can be defeated by outdated ideas of addiction. One of