How to Help an Addict Without Enabling


The truth can be many things. When addiction is involved, it can be liberating, refreshing, and over all good for your mind and body. However, you need to understand that you cannot control whether or not people are cured, even when they are the ones you love. No amount of love or affection can cure

What Families Can Expect From an Addict in Recovery


Once your loved one has successfully become clean and abstinent from the substance that previously ruled them, you may expect the future to improve. Your loved one has completed an important first step on the journey to recovery and sustained abstinence, but the fight is not over yet. After detoxification, emotions will be very raw,

Addiction in Crisis: How to Help a Homeless Family Member


Addiction can cause problems in all aspects of the addict’s life—at work, school, home, and especially with family members. An addiction can drain addicts’ relatives of money, energy, and time. At some point, the addict could lose their home due to consequences of drug or alcohol abuse, and end up homeless. So how can you

When there’s no other choice but to leave your addicted lover


Being in a relationship with an addict can cause a lot of pain. Watching someone you love struggle with addiction—without being able to help—is an awful thing to witness. Sometimes, the only option in sight is to leave them, despite feelings of not being able to move on. There are things you must know in

Why You Must Stop Enabling the Addict in Your Life


It goes without saying that addiction comes with consequences. However, the results of substance abuse are often subtle at first, before developing into the more well-known addiction symptoms and side effects. Drugs cost money, reduce productivity, and create disarray in one’s life. General disorderliness and chaos tend to follow in the wake of drug abuse.

Alcoholism Pulls Fathers from the Home

Fathers play an important role in a family’s life. Children especially benefit when a father is present to spend time encouraging and demonstrating things in a unique way only fathers can. However, the difficult reality for millions of people is that addiction to alcohol fractures and damages families, often separating fathers from the home emotionally

10 Signs You’re an Enabler

When someone in your life develops a substance addiction, the resulting fallout affects everyone in the family, as well as friends and coworkers. It’s a heartbreaking situation and as a parent or family member, you want only to offer all the love and support you can manage. However, sometimes this well-intentioned need to be helpful

Our Culture of Alcohol Glorification

When a drug addict comes out of recovery, having undergone treatment for narcotics or opiates, the struggle to stay clean is real.  However, at least for these addictions the culture around you supports your abstinence because these drugs are usually illegal to buy or possess and use is often frowned upon by the majority of

Adolescence is a Key Time to Prevent Addiction

Few would deny the struggles and anxiety posed by adolescence and the prospect of transitioning from childhood into adulthood. It’s a time fraught with all sorts of confusing feelings, growth spurts, voice changes, and romantic interests.  On top of all that you’re figuring out who you are as a person and what kind of man