What Are The Effects Of Spending Time Outdoors?

Happify Daily reports that there a lot of positive effects of spending time outside. Even looking at pictures of the outdoors increases mental happiness compared to pictures of urban landscapes. Humans need to be a part of nature because it is what is natural to them. If you aren’t convinced that getting outside might be

Spending Time In Nature Changes The Brain

The Japanese culture loves nature. Hundreds of miles of walking trails all throughout the country are government owned, prescribed to Japanese citizens as part of their national health plan. Tree bathing is an ancient practice meant to improve health and wellbeing. Regarding nature as a preventative and medicinal practice is more common in the East

Examining the Steps: Step 4


The 12-step program is an essential resource in addiction recovery. The helpful healing process can guide you along a path to inner light and warmth. However, in order to reach your goals, you need to understand each step and how they are necessary in helping you achieve the life you deserve. The fourth step in

Beating the Winter Blues in Recovery


Being stuck indoors during the cold, harsh weather of winter months can lead to sleeping in, avoiding social opportunities, and neglecting emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. While it is a natural reaction to this season, it doesn’t have to happen. We’ll discuss why it happens and ways to combat it ahead.    

Exercise In Recovery

Our country is full of people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental conditions, take medication for it, and yet do not exercise. We tend to skip over it because our culture excuses it for a number of reasons. It’s difficult and easy to brush aside. Our culture is hectic, rushed, and hardworking, so

The Great Outdoors As An Addiction Recovery Tool

During a 2003 interview on 60 Minutes, NFL Hall-of-Famer, Lawrence “L.T.” Taylor talked about his drug and alcohol abuse problems and about how he used golf to help in his recover from those problems. L.T.’s life both during and after his NFL career has not been without controversy, but his discussion in 2003 about getting