Beating Addiction (You Can Do This)


shutterstock_88200985Addiction can affect anyone, and it often comes in various forms and degrees. Although recovery may seem an impossible goal miles away, you can fight addiction and you can win. Everyone does some sort of activity in excess. They key is being able to break through the obstacles and old patterns with diligence, smart choices, and influences. By separating yourself from your old habits, you are rising above the addiction and opening the doors for recovery. The following three steps can help guide you through the basis of your recovery journey.

The first important step of recovery is self-evaluation. Many people make the mistake of letting their pride get in the way during recovery. If you say you have everything together and refuse the help that you desperately need, you are depriving yourself of the help you deserve and those close to you are willing to give. The important question to ask yourself is why you feel like you have it under control or, why do you feel like you have to have it all under control? Don’t let your pride get in the way of the help you deserve and that those around you are willing to give.

The second step is to break down your obstacles and dive deep into yourself to ask the important questions. What do you still need to learn about yourself in order to be able to grow? What can you learn from this experience to better yourself in any future experiences? How can you strengthen your mind, body, and spirit, and surround yourself with better influences? How can you become more accountable in the new life you want? What are your goals for this new life? When you ask deeper questions like these, you are opening and forcing your mind to accept that you need to change and that you cannot rely on yourself alone. In addition, you open the doors to be able to fulfill your goals and overcome your addictions. By learning from your previous mistakes, you are accepting that life is not accidental and that you can learn something from this experience.

The third step is knowing when you need to seek extra help and learning to accept help when it is needed. Lead Recovery Center can help you through the recovery process and guide you through the journey of finding yourself in this new environment. The calm, encouraging atmosphere provokes personal growth and change, and the staff of Lead Recovery Center can help you learn the skills you will need to sustain your new life. Call (800) 380-0012 for information on how to begin your journey of recovery today!