Feeling Extra Anxious Or Depressed? Lower Your Social Media Time

Social media is in an ever increasingly complicated relationship with mental health. From body image to self esteem, anxiety and depression to addiction, social media is proving to be less than helpful to maintaining good mental health. 65% of Americans interact with their social media platforms multiple times a day. Three of the most popular,

Misuse Of Stimulant Medication Among College-Age Adults Indicates ADHD and/or Substance Use Disorders

Who misuses stimulant medications during college? The answer is, many people. Adderall and other popular forms of stimulant medications are desirable to college students who are crunching books, writing essays, developing projects, and maintaining a busy schedule of extracurricular activities. In order to stay up all night, retain information, and get everything done that needs

Will Virtual Reality Be The Answer For Mental Health Treatment?

You’re walking through a forest. Everything looks magical. The colors are vivid, you can see the light shining through the leaves, and there’s a peaceful calm around you. All of a sudden, a spider crawls out from behind a tree. You turn to look around for somewhere to go, but there’s nowhere. You turn around

Longer Treatment Equals Greater Success For Recovery

  Twenty eight days. That is what it takes to rehabilitate someone who has struggled with severe mental illnesses lie depression or addiction for many years on end. Compared to endless months of numerous years spent altering their state of mind with harmful chemicals, twenty eight days seems like a relatively insignificant amount of time.

Could The Answer To Video Game Addiction Be More Online Interaction?

Mental illness is isolating. No matter what the diagnosis is, almost everyone who struggles with a mental illness feels bitterly alone in their struggles. Some diagnoses are more isolating than others. As mental illness continues to become part of the mainstream narrative, opening dialogues is helping people feel they are not so alone. Often in

Depression Might Have A Purpose, Which Will Change The Way It’s Treated-

There is little denying the heavy weight of depression. Whether you have lived with the mental illness personally or been in a relationship with someone who is struggling with depression, the worldwide facts about depression bear its burden. For example, the World Health Organization cites that over 350 million people live with depression globally. In

4 Steps For Creating A Nature-Based Self-Care Program

Nature is endless and has endless positive effects on mental health, physical health and spiritual well being. Exploring nature and having adventures doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. Instead, nature can be part of your self-care program and become part of your lifestyle.   What Do You Like To Do? Everyone

What You Might Not Know When Someone In Your Life Has Anxiety

Anxiety can be a silent struggle. When anxiety becomes so normalized in someone’s life it can get easier to hide it. If someone in your life is living with anxiety, they could be living with these experiences all the time. Anxiety has no answers: where anxiety comes from, how anxiety develops, and how to make

How Many Men Suffer From Eating Disorders?

According to Beat, beating eating disorders, males make up ten percent of all eating disorder diagnoses, as reported by Metro.co.uk. Ten percent is a significant number when you consider how many millions of people worldwide suffer from eating disorders. The number is likely smaller than the real statistics would show. Eating Disorders and Body Image

What Are The Effects Of Spending Time Outdoors?

Happify Daily reports that there a lot of positive effects of spending time outside. Even looking at pictures of the outdoors increases mental happiness compared to pictures of urban landscapes. Humans need to be a part of nature because it is what is natural to them. If you aren’t convinced that getting outside might be