Could The Same Nasal Spray Which Saves Lives From Opioid Overdose Save Lives From Bulimia?

Scientists have been hard at work trying to understand exactly how eating disorders work in the brain. Older research has found that eating disorders like bulimia nervosa impact the brain in multiple ways, working with the reward system, regulating mood and emotion, as well as living in the area of where the brain creates habits.

What is the Impact of an Overmedicated Society?

Medicine is constantly evolving, finding new treatments and ways to support individuals with various medical conditions. While finding cures is challenging, more are being discovered every day. Learn the impact of an overmedicated society. Epidemic vs. Overmedication The most commonly prescribed type of medication is antidepressants. More than 10% of the population takes an antidepressant

What You Might Not Know When Someone In Your Life Has Anxiety

Anxiety can be a silent struggle. When anxiety becomes so normalized in someone’s life it can get easier to hide it. If someone in your life is living with anxiety, they could be living with these experiences all the time. Anxiety has no answers: where anxiety comes from, how anxiety develops, and how to make