5 Things You Should Know About Benzo Withdrawal


The Brain Two systems in the brain work opposite one another: glutamate and GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). Glutamate is like a gas pedal which gets things started. GABA slows things down. Benzodiazepines damage GABA receptors so glutamate is free to push the brain into hyperspeed which over-excites the entire body. When GABA receptors are

Can Pursuing Art Help You with Recovery?


Art therapy is one tool used to support individuals in recovery. Some treatment programs offer options during treatment including individual, group, skills-focus, relapse prevention and art therapy. Expression of emotions, feelings and thoughts are encouraged as part of the healing journey throughout recovery.   Types of Art Therapy Several modalities of art therapy are used

The Body Needs Sunshine


Nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness practices form a well rounded lifestyle plan for healthy living. Nature is an excellent source of inspiration for people who want to exercise outdoors while enjoying the beauty of trees, water, and grass. As more becomes known about the possible health benefits, sunshine is taking center stage as a great source

Examining the Steps: Step 1


The first step in the 12-step process is admitting powerlessness over addiction. To admit powerlessness for some is to admit defeat, when society seems to promote individuality, managing life without anyone else’s help and finding ways to keep pushing through struggles. To admit the need for help is a first step towards receiving the necessary

Withdrawal Symptoms of Xanax Addiction


Xanax (alprazolam) withdrawal symptoms can show up in a short period of time after the medication has worn off. Feelings of being ill and achy may occur, but may also include cold or stomach flu-like symptoms. Withdrawal happens when the body develops a dependency to Xanax, or any other drug, and can take anywhere from

The Importance of Adrenaline in Daily Life


Adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) is a stress hormone secreted from the adrenal glands on the kidneys. The body also uses this hormone in a fight-or-flight response to an environment which appears threatening. An ‘adrenaline rush’ is a sudden influx of adrenaline flooding the body from the adrenal glands. The brain is essentially communicating the

Admitting that You Have a Gambling Addiction


Gambling is an addiction which gets talked about less than other problems but is no less dangerous or damaging to an individual. Financially, it can be devastating. Along with the addiction will be a cycle of lies, half-truths and deliberate attempts to hide the reality of what is going on from the people who care

Handling Your Liquor is Not a Sign of Manliness


Men consume significantly higher amounts of alcohol compared to women. They are also more likely to report higher frequencies of intoxication, alcohol abuse, and dependency. Young adult males are twice as likely as women to suffer from alcohol abuse. Driving under the influence, violence and arrests related to alcohol are also higher in men. One

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders with Integrative Treatment Plans


According to the American Addiction Centers, a co-occurring disorder is defined as a person living with a substance use disorder as well as a mental illness, A combination of mental health disorders and addiction qualifies for what is also called a dual diagnosis. This may include alcoholism and depression, anorexia and cocaine dependence and more.

What Constitutes a Relapse


The cycle of addiction has many ups and downs. An alcohol or drug relapse occurs after a person experiences recovery then returns to using their substance of choice. Addiction is a chronic disease, prone to periods of relapse. Triggers and other risk factors may increase the risk of using alcohol or drugs. A relapse is