Addiction Rehabilitation for Alcoholism


Alcoholism, or excessive, extended use of alcohol, can greatly impact and affect your body. The negative results are abundant and diverse. Rehabilitation centers are able to provide you with a safe recovery environment. Centers like these can help you avoid the fatal effects of alcohol abuse and guide you through the process of creating habits of a healthy, happy life. Alcoholism mainly damages your physical and mental health, but it can also leave a nasty scar on relationships and personal happiness.

The main issues that alcohol brings to the table are liver disease, organ failure (especially your pancreas), and it affects your nervous system, spatial perception, and balance. In addition, it can provoke mental health diseases like depression, schizophrenia, and suicidal thoughts. The damage to relationships is just as real and just as deadly. Alcoholism breaks down trust, disrupts communication, and causes unpredictable behavior that frustrates, confuses, and angers those closest to you.

Physical effects of alcoholism are extremely dangerous and abundant. Your liver can be damaged, sometimes developing cirrhosis or fatty liver disease. Alcohol can cause your liver to work harder for the same result and can damage your cells irreparably. In addition, alcoholism can cause your pancreas to create toxins that cause extra difficulty when digesting foods. While the previously listed symptoms are very common, you can also experience cardiovascular problems like blood clots, heart attacks or strokes. You may also experience weak circulation, anemia, extreme lethargy, memory loss, and decrease in other cognitive behaviors.

Some mental disorders may surface, and you may find that your mood drastically increases when you quit drinking. Scientists have proven that excessive use of alcohol causes your brain to shrink prematurely, and it increases the speed at which your brain shrinks. Although brain shrinkage is a natural process that comes with age, alcoholism can cause extreme shrinkage in the parts managing memory and functions for problem solving. Lastly, excessive drinking can lead to early dementia and permanently alter your behavior and personality.

Although there are many reasons for the addict to quit for their own health, there are several ways alcoholism affects those around the addict. Alcoholism is a difficult disease. Dealing with the symptoms, recovery, and lasting effects is a struggle. However, it is an even bigger strain on the heart to watch someone you love lose control and experience these terrible things. The excess aggression and emotional radioactivity can drive away those closest to you, especially those that care the most.

LEAD Recovery Center can help you decide what recovery outline is best for you. By understanding and addressing the problems that led you to addiction, you can begin the long, rewarding process of recovery. You don’t have to suffer alone, and LEAD Recovery is here to help. Call  (800) 380-0012 for more information.