Elements Of a Drug Detox

Drug detox is step #1 to recovering from a drug addiction. It’s a relatively short period of intense withdrawal (made easier by medical assistance) following a long bout of drug use. After the addict is stabilized, the body can rid itself of whichever drug they’ve been using, and withdrawal symptoms can be managed.   The

Exercise In Recovery

Our country is full of people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental conditions, take medication for it, and yet do not exercise. We tend to skip over it because our culture excuses it for a number of reasons. It’s difficult and easy to brush aside. Our culture is hectic, rushed, and hardworking, so

Why Cocaine Overdose Is a Real Danger

Cocaine, a stimulant manufactured from the coca plant, causes increased feelings of alertness, euphoria, and well-being. This is not without consequence. Cocaine use also carries with it intense side-effects that can cause death if the user ingests too much of the drug. Fortunately, cocaine overdose is preceded by a variety of symptoms that can be

Sobriety Is Sexy

Maybe you started using to fit in. Maybe it does help you fit in—with the wrong people. When it comes to finding a significant other, drug use is seldom thought of as an attractive quality. The dating world may consist of a lot of bars and wining and dining, but more important than that is

Am I a Failure For Relapsing?

It may feel like it. After all, the objective was not to relapse—right?   Actually, no, not exactly: the objective was—and still is—to recover. Relapse is just a bump in the road, so long as you don’t let it stop you from continuing your journey. If relapse meant failure, then the world wouldn’t be full

Staying Positive In the Midst of Chaos

Stress happens, quickly and unpredictably.   We can’t always prepare ourselves for overwhelming feelings of stress, of feeling trapped and pressured. Many times, we react by becoming highly emotional, to the point of overreaction. We all lose our temper sometimes—most of us, at least.   Addicts can become stressed just like anyone else, but their

What Is OxyContin and Why Do People Overdose?

OxyContin, a semi synthetic opioid analgesic, is prescribed in tablet form for the management of chronic or severe pain. It’s effective when it comes to this purpose. Unfortunately, it’s a commonly abused and illicitly traded drug that accounts for a lot of addictions and overdoses. OxyContin delivers a powerful euphoria when taken in large amounts,

Staying Sober On the Road

The trucking business is, unfortunately, infamous for having a large number of drug-addicted drivers. There are numerous reasons for the paradigm. It’s hard for addicts to stay sober on the road. They have no support network, or company at all. They are confined to a routine of little activity, and a lot time to juggle

Wrestling With Survivor’s Guilt

The name of the condition may sound self-explanatory, but many of us equate “survivor’s guilt” with the lone survivor of an accident that claimed lives. In reality, someone can experience a crippling amount of guilt and numbness after any life-threatening or traumatic event.   Sometimes after someone survives a disease or situation which their peers

Endorphins; The Body’s Own Drug

Endorphins belong to a class of chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. They determine how we feel. Endorphins are produced in the pituitary gland as well as other brain regions.   Endorphins make us feel good. They are distributed throughout the nervous system in response to stress and pain.