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LEAD Recovery Center is an individualized program that supports young adults during their transition from a variety of environments to living a healthy lifestyle.

The goal for each young adult who collaborates with our team is to move toward autonomy. Through this collaboration, these young adults will gain experience in grasping teachable moments and build on them utilizing clinical, life skills and experiential learning in each moment. The result is confidence in handling life’s challenges.

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Program Overview

LEAD young adults are gifted with the opportunity to find daily challenges and successes to enhance every aspect of their life.

Growth is realized using an intensive clinical approach blended with a focus on individualized life-coaching and living skills, with a strong emphasis on natural adventure curriculum. Each young adult is greeted with a team that includes licensed and certified staff, personal and nutritional training, life-skills development experts, and individual mentors. These young adults will have a tailored individual program designed for their unique circumstances. Not only do we strive for lasting recovery, the LEAD program is designed to impart autonomy and awareness used to pass on to the next generation. Through successful completion of this process, these young adults become mentors and leaders in their own right.

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