Benefits Of Long Term Addiction Treatment

  The 30 day model of addiction treatment is rapidly becoming a treatment of the past. For full autonomy and success of recovery, long term addiction treatment which gradually increases independence is critical.   More time in treatment is more time sober: Research has proven that a longer length of stay in treatment results in

Nature Therapy Proven To Increase Mood And Motivation

  Almost every aspect of treatment, from clinical therapy to holistic healing, is designed for two primary purposes: relapse prevention and making meaning. Nature therapy is important for enhancing the treatment experience. While reducing depression and increasing a commitment to treatment, nature based therapy of all kinds- from natural surroundings to nature excursions- help those

3 Keys To Being A Successful And Effective Mentor In Recovery

The program at LEAD Recovery Center is supported by mentorship which is given from clients in one phase of our treatment program to the next. Peer recovery support can be effective in supplementing the clinical recovery process. Even when a therapist and an entire treatment team is in recovery themselves, they can still seem like

Developed A Sugar Addiction In Treatment? For Better Health, Try These 5 Suggestions

It’s white, pure, and can be deadly. Sugar is in everything these days. It’s hard to get away from. During treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, everything is suggested in moderation, even excess. Sugar is meant to be a harmless replacement during moments of cravings. For some, the habit can go too far. Here are

Treating Psychological Addiction

What is psychological addiction? When an individual has a mental or emotional attachment to a substance or behavior, that is referred to as psychological addiction. The individual feels a strong compulsion to engage in substance abuse, and will get agitated and anxious if they can’t. This is not a physical dependency but a psychological one.

Longer Treatment Equals Greater Success For Recovery

  Twenty eight days. That is what it takes to rehabilitate someone who has struggled with severe mental illnesses lie depression or addiction for many years on end. Compared to endless months of numerous years spent altering their state of mind with harmful chemicals, twenty eight days seems like a relatively insignificant amount of time.

What Are The Effects Of Spending Time Outdoors?

Happify Daily reports that there a lot of positive effects of spending time outside. Even looking at pictures of the outdoors increases mental happiness compared to pictures of urban landscapes. Humans need to be a part of nature because it is what is natural to them. If you aren’t convinced that getting outside might be

Talking To Your Boss About Going To Treatment

There is a grave misconception regarding addiction and getting treatment for an addiction: willingness. We are supposed to have the willingness to be willing to go to any willing length to find a way to get sober. Stopping everything and going to treatment should be an easy choice at the cost of losing anything because

Make It Through Recovery with Music


Although music can seem like an unexpected method of therapy, it is scientifically proven to be beneficial in many areas key to addiction recovery. When used in combination with other techniques and treatments, music therapy can be a necessary and welcome addition to your treatment care. Music can influence your emotions and mood, allowing you

Treating Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms


Vicodin is categorized as a man-made opioid drug with dangerous addictive qualities. The drug contains hydrocodone, which affects an area of the brain that is usually tasked with regulating pain. The Vicodin is commonly used to treat pain because it manages the opiate receptors in the brain which treat pain. Vicodin is one of the