Immersive Natural Learning

A Therapeutic Approach

This runs through all phases of the program and provides a hands-on approach to learning, interpersonal relationships, nature, and life.

This therapeutic approach is included in our program because we believe in offering young adults the opportunity to experience and maintain a sense of adventure and challenges. Our Adventure staff is highly trained in first aid, outdoor camping, trail hiking, deep sea fishing, boating, skiing, surfing, kayaking, and more.

Through this process clients will have a chance to experience and master the following:

  • Facilitating Individual Achievement
  • Creating Self-Awareness
  • Increasing Imagination
  • Integrating New Lessons
  • Understanding Personal Roles and Work Within a Team
  • Processing Challenging Feelings in Healthy Ways
  • Creating Pathways for Teachable Moments in Challenge and Accomplishment
  • Building Trust in Self and Others
  • Learning Individual Problem Solving

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