Examining the Steps: Step 3


shutterstock_301268738The third step in the AA program is very important. Essentially, it means that you need to make a decision to allow a higher power to take control of your mind, body, and life. In addition, it means that you will trust them to guide you down the right path. For many, this higher power is God, but there are many options (such as nature, human beings, or Buddha). Don’t let the use of the word God make you to think there is only one possible choice you can dedicate yourself to.

This step is about shifting your mindset from thinking to doing. It is a step of action and devotion, all surrounding your higher power and your will. In this step, you turn over your life and give your will and devotion to your higher power, creating a sense of safety and relief. Many people use the Serenity Prayer to center their mind on their new outlook and to ask their higher power for guidance. The Serenity Prayer is as follows: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thy will, not mine, be done.”

The first two steps in the Alcoholics Anonymous program are mainly centered on looking into yourself and your past, evaluating how best to help yourself in the future. This step is focused on a call to action. You are calling your higher power to take control of your life and guide you through the tough decisions and frustrating times to lead you to inner happiness. The key to this step is embracing the fact that you are depending on your higher power. View this reliance as strength, not a weakness, because you have someone watching out for you as you navigate recovery. In addition, think back to the Serenity Prayer if ever you feel stressed or agitated. In situations of anguish, know your higher power is watching over you and that you are not alone. Being able to commit yourself fully to your higher power is crucial. That level of devotion and love is necessary to recover and receive guidance through the path.

Many myths about this step exist. Some believe that by devoting yourself to a higher power, you are losing any individuality and control over your life. The reality is that turning over your will and love to the higher power will lead to true freedom and independence of spirit. If you are conscious of your higher power and the will it intends to do, you will assimilate it into your mind and feel its presence wherever you go. Instead of random spurts of inspiration or ideas, you will always be aware of your higher power’s guidance.

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