Three Steps to Relapse

After recovering from a serious drug addiction, the last thing you want to do is consider going through that ordeal again. Once you’re done, you want to be done with that forever, right? Unfortunately, the nature of addiction is complex and frustrating and you will have to fight off temptations and relapse triggers for some

How to Choose a Treatment Plan that’s Right for You

Each of us are different and, when it comes to treating addiction, everyone has a unique set of needs and circumstances that must be taken into account when deciding on a treatment plan.  Addiction is a dependency the brain has formed on a particular substance or behavior. For things like opiate addiction, which is a

Keep Calm and Kick the Habit

The popular Internet and T-Shirt meme has a catchy and shareable nature to it; Keep Calm and…  The phrase is usually followed up with some activity but the central idea of this viral idea is that only when you take a breath and calm your agitated nerves can you truly enjoy what you’re doing, whatever

The Lifetime Value of Discipline

Recovering from an addiction is a process of mental strength, willpower, and treatment. But above all things, the core of recovery is an artform that has gone out of fashion in the modern consumer culture; Discipline.   Many people look at discipline as restrictive rules and dogmatic practices that limit your options as an individual.

You’re Responsible for Your Own Happiness

We hear in recovery counseling a lot about people who turn to substance use in a search for joy or pleasure in an otherwise miserable or unhappy life. As understandable and universal as the desire for happiness is to all of us, it’s well understood that the fleeting rush afforded by drugs and alcohol are

Marijuana Clocking Record Potency Worldwide

Marijuana seems to be having its time in the spotlight lately with the rolling legal reforms that continue to sweep Europe and the United States as well as the cultural obsession with glorifying it as the drug of choice for rappers, silicon valley moguls, and movie producers. But one of the more important changes regarding

Teen Marijuana Use Linked with Brain Development Issues

There is still a great deal of controversy over the long term health effects of marijuana on the brain. Growing numbers of research studies are still not sufficient enough to make a definitive conclusion on what the exact extent of the damage can be. While scientists are not yet certain how marijuana affects the brain

5 Countries with Severe Drug Problems

The epidemic of drug addiction is not confined to our boarders here at home in the U.S. Drug abuse is widespread throughout the entire globe and in some parts of the world, addiction is far more severe a problem than it is in the United States. This certainly does not excuse our abuse of controlled

Anxiety and Addiction

Addiction is well understood by clinical psychologists to be a brain condition resulting from impaired cerebral function. Anxiety is understood to be, at least in part, a combination of genetic factors, environmental stress, and personal idiosyncrasies. Or in other words, it is a cocktail combo of the influence from parental genes, cues in your surrounding

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is intended to prevent relapse to drug addiction while in recovery. The therapeutic technique has been in use for many years and focuses on exploring, learning, analyzing, and understanding the psychology and behavioral patterns of oneself. Its aim is to help a recovering addict find new perspective on his own