How to Help an Alcoholic in Need


In many cases, the word help means to make something easier for someone else by providing your service, money, or resources. When addiction is involved, the best way to help the addict is by detaching yourself from the situation. Don’t let yourself try and manage the behavior. You can love the addict, but you have

Make It Through Recovery with Music


Although music can seem like an unexpected method of therapy, it is scientifically proven to be beneficial in many areas key to addiction recovery. When used in combination with other techniques and treatments, music therapy can be a necessary and welcome addition to your treatment care. Music can influence your emotions and mood, allowing you

Talking to Your College Student About Alcohol


Alcohol abuse is a serious issue in the young people of today, especially for those in a college atmosphere and environment. Many people do not understand the risks of binge drinking as opposed to moderate use, and this can be a deadly mistake. Alcohol poisoning is a risk of binge drinking or alcoholism. However, to

How to Help an Addict Without Enabling


The truth can be many things. When addiction is involved, it can be liberating, refreshing, and over all good for your mind and body. However, you need to understand that you cannot control whether or not people are cured, even when they are the ones you love. No amount of love or affection can cure

What Families Can Expect From an Addict in Recovery


Once your loved one has successfully become clean and abstinent from the substance that previously ruled them, you may expect the future to improve. Your loved one has completed an important first step on the journey to recovery and sustained abstinence, but the fight is not over yet. After detoxification, emotions will be very raw,

When there’s no other choice but to leave your addicted lover


Being in a relationship with an addict can cause a lot of pain. Watching someone you love struggle with addiction—without being able to help—is an awful thing to witness. Sometimes, the only option in sight is to leave them, despite feelings of not being able to move on. There are things you must know in

Beating the Winter Blues in Recovery


Being stuck indoors during the cold, harsh weather of winter months can lead to sleeping in, avoiding social opportunities, and neglecting emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. While it is a natural reaction to this season, it doesn’t have to happen. We’ll discuss why it happens and ways to combat it ahead.    

How to Tell Your Family You Have a Drug Problem


Once you realize you have an addiction, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You probably feel scared and overwhelmed, and telling your family only makes those feelings grow. What you probably don’t realize that your family knows something is going on. As an addict, you try to hide your deteriorating state

10 Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes


Smoking is a dangerous habit and can cause many diseases and issues. Cigarettes can increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. In fact, smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Many people would like to quit, but the average person takes 5 – 10 tries to quit

Why You Must Stop Enabling the Addict in Your Life


It goes without saying that addiction comes with consequences. However, the results of substance abuse are often subtle at first, before developing into the more well-known addiction symptoms and side effects. Drugs cost money, reduce productivity, and create disarray in one’s life. General disorderliness and chaos tend to follow in the wake of drug abuse.