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Family Services

Addiction is a complex family disease, along with mental health issues that impact the family system.

The goal of every treatment program should be to offer education and support in a way so the entire family can truly heal from an addiction or mental health issues as a whole. The involvement of the family and close friends in the recovery process benefits both the client and the program because of several key factors. These key factors are that family and friends care the most about the client and their well-being, along with the client since they have the most to gain in recovery. Family and friends usually have the most leverage and always have the best background knowledge and personal experiences with the client.

Family Participation and support is an important part of every recovery phase. We work with families to create and help clients maintain active involvement, working on appropriate communication, relationships, and boundaries. We provide families with weekly contact from a licensed therapist, promote family therapy, and encourage conference calls.

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