10 Reasons Being Sober Today Is AWESOME

  • You’re Not Wasted: Some days this is more exciting than others. Even on your worst days sober, they are better than your best days drinking and using. It was fun until it wasn’t. Today, you get to live your life without the foggy haze of drugs and alcohol.
  • You’re Not Hurting Yourself: Self-harm isn’t a part of everyone’s story. Through the ongoing self-abuse of drugs and alcohol, however, you are hurting yourself a little bit more everyday. Drugs and alcohol take a hard hit on the body, the mind, and your spirit.
  • You’re Not Hurting Others: Whether we think our addiction is anyone’s business or not, it becomes everyone’s business, whether we want it to or not. Our relationships were strained when we were using. Running, hiding, cheating, lying, stealing, being aggressive, being withdrawn, being angry, being depressed- all of this had an effect on the people around us.
  • You’re Setting Yourself Up For The Future: Every single minute you spend sober is a minute toward your future. You may not know where you are going and what you are doing, but you are moving forward instead of staying stuck.
  • You’re Healing Your Past: Everyone has a story. We all have things that happened to us, peculiarities about the way we felt about ourselves, and something in our past- including our addictions. Day by day you are breaking the chains of your past to launch you, free, into the future.
  • You’re Happier: Drugs and alcohol interfere with your production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter which communicates messages of pleasure to the brain. In the beginning, it was probably hard to feel happy. Today, you laugh a little louder, smile a little wider, and feel a sense of satisfaction more deeply than you ever have before. Recovery happiness is real.
  • You’re Healthier: Without all the toxins in your body coming from drugs and alcohol, you are feeling great. You’re working on creating a balanced lifestyle including good diet, regular exercise, and self-care which keeps you healthy, mind, body, and spirit.
  • You’re More Present: Being high and drunk takes you out of the moment and detached from the world. Mindfulness and meditation are helping you become more and more present, living in the here and now.
  • You’re Having Fun: At first, you weren’t sure you could ever have fun without drugs and alcohol. As you get out into the world, have adventures, and see what life is like sober, you’re realizing, recovery is a pretty good time.
  • You’re Not Dead: The bottom line is that addiction is life or death and there’s never a guarantee. Today, if you’re alive and sober, you haven’t died at the hands of addiction. That is an accomplishment.

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