Finding Serenity in the Outdoors


serenity outdoorsThere are no expectations in the wild. When you’re alone in the woods, there is no one there to need something from you, no one waiting for you, and no one asking you questions. You are completely removed from any sense of obligation or duty to other people or society as a whole. There is only pure unadulterated existence. No one to judge you. No one to tell you what to do, or think, or say. You are in a complete state of uninhibited freedom. Anything is possible. Nothing is necessary. You can just be, or you can act. It’s all up to you.

Getting Outdoors in Recovery

People find the experience of being in outdoors, specifically in remote sections of wilderness, to very spiritual and enlightening. This state of pure existence has the effect of putting one in a sense of being in tune with nature and her organic processes for healing and growth. You start to feel a growing connection with all other parts of nature until you begin to lose yourself in it and meld into it. This emptying effect of the mind and body provides one with the sensation of a clean slate from which to reconstruct one’s own frame of mind. It allows one to transcend current notions of reality and realize the infinite possibilities existing outside of familiar points of reference.

The key to recovering from addiction, as many treatment programs emphasize, is a recognition of the existence of something greater than ourselves; a higher power. Alcoholics Anonymous was one of the first to champion this approach as one of their 12 steps in their recovery program. Its power lies in the realization that if reality and the realm of possibility are not confined to our own capabilities, then indeed sobriety can be achieved. Allow yourself to be defined by something much bigger than yourself and experience the life changing effect.

Identifying with nature allows one to put themselves in the context of the whole universe, not just our mundane day to day activities and challenges. It means we are a part of something bigger than our own immediate needs and desires. This mentality liberates us and empowers us to be the free agents we truly are. Nothing has to subjugate us; not even drugs. How we feel and what we do all begins with perspective.

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