Exercise In Recovery

shutterstock_265051241Our country is full of people who suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental conditions, take medication for it, and yet do not exercise. We tend to skip over it because our culture excuses it for a number of reasons. It’s difficult and easy to brush aside. Our culture is hectic, rushed, and hardworking, so few people will challenge the idea that you “just don’t have time.” When it comes to careers or schoolwork, this excuse never suffices—we make time. Exercise and sleep are just as important, so we don’t we treat it the same way?


The importance of exercise is most evident during recovery: addicts must keep themselves in shape both mentally and physically. Rehab centers offer exercise as a part of the program, a part of the journey, for good reason.


Exercise can thwart many of the physical problems drug cause: cardiovascular weakness, bodyweight issues, lethargy, etc. It also improves mood; those who exercise regularly tend to be happier, and less stressed, than those who do not. You may think you don’t have the exercise for energy, because you’ve tried before and failed, but you need to realize that it’s like any other activity: the more you practice, the better you’ll get, and the more energy you’ll have.


After a lengthy bout of drug use interrupted by sudden sobriety in a treatment center, addicts can feel overwhelmed by all the time on their hands—time to think about using. Exercise is a great way to occupy the mind and give yourself a nice natural sense of euphoria. It’s well known that exercise results in a rush of endorphins—a “high” that doesn’t hurt us.


Also, during or after exercise, we’re able to think more clearly, which can help with various other aspects of rehab, the more “mental” exercises that require deep introspection and self-analysis. (Psychotherapy, for example.)
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