What Are The Effects Of Spending Time Outdoors?

Happify Daily reports that there a lot of positive effects of spending time outside. Even looking at pictures of the outdoors increases mental happiness compared to pictures of urban landscapes. Humans need to be a part of nature because it is what is natural to them. If you aren’t convinced that getting outside might be the answer to better mental health, continue reading on.

  • All it takes it 20 minutes outside a day to make people feel “more alive”. In studies where researchers were observing people participating in outside activities, they were able to remove the “happiness” factor of the activities to focus just on being outside.
  • Mental health can start to see improvements in as little as five minutes spent outdoors. Mood changes, lower stress levels, and a greater sense of well being are all common side effects of time spent in nature.
  • Cytokines are produced in the body and cause inflammation. Research has shown that spending time in nature reduces the production of cytokines, thereby reducing inflammation. Inflammation can contribute to many diseases and illnesses.
  • Spending time in “green” environments and activities like gardening, walking through the woods, or doing a clean up in a park, increases well being
  • Living in a neighborhood where you can easily see birds, shrubs, trees, and grass, lowers your chance of developing a mental health problem. It also increases happiness and reduces stress.
  • The mental health gap caused by socioeconomic inequality is reduced by 40% for those who live in green areas
  • One study found that walking in nature is more effective for reducing symptoms of depression than walking anywhere else. In a shopping mall, 45% of participants felt less depressed, while 22% of them felt more depressed. Outside in nature, 71% of participants felt less depressed.
  • Learning outside through a lecture or studying increases memory and attention by 20%.

Nature therapy is becoming a relied upon treatment method for addiction treatment and recovery from mental health issues. Connecting to natural resources helps clients connect to themselves in a more natural way. Being surrounded by the vast beauty of nature has a unique effect on the soul which is incomparable to anything else.

LEAD Recovery Center knows first hand the powerful transformations which taken place in nature. Our extended care treatment programming includes adventure and nature therapy in which we immerse our clients into their surroundings, provided by the beautiful Southern California coast. From kayaking to mountain climbing, we emphasize growth and development through the great outdoors. For more information on our treatment programs, call 800-380-0012.