Can Camping Help You Sleep Better?

For some people, there is no worse night sleep than one spent in the great outdoors. Rocky ground, bugs, fresh air. The thought is a total turn off. Others, however, light up at the thought. The comfort of a sleeping bag, the tranquility of nature far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Camping is either a great night sleep or a terrible night sleep. Research shows that enough night’s spent camping can actually reset your sleep schedule.

Get Outside

Paste Magazine explains that “Being outside for seven days and nights allows your body to adjust to a natural light-and-dark cycle, which is often disrupted by unnatural light sources—such as laptops or cell phones—that are used after dark.” Many avid campers relate that there is no greater schedule than a camping schedule. You rise and set with the sun, starting your day early and retiring with the stars. The reason camping is so good for sleep is because it helps create a more natural circadian rhythm. Demands of modern life like interacting with laptops and cell phones during unnatural work hours can throw off our sleep cycles.

Increase Confidence and Health

Sleep is not the only health benefit to spending time outdoors. Research has found that being in green spaces, where there is a lot of natural foliage and space, can increase everything from body image, to self-esteem, heart health, to immunity health, and more. People who have access to green spaces are happier and healthier.

Nature is an important place to spend time for addicts and alcoholics in recovery. The challenges presented in nature force us to be self-sufficient while also needing to work with others in order to be productive and ensure survival. Being around natural areas means being in the presence of mountains, oceans, and landscapes which are far larger than the view the average city scape allows us to see. Humbling, inspiring, and educational, nature is a transformative experience during treatment for both the mind and the body.

LEAD Recovery Center takes clients on excursions every weekend. Our location on the iconic southern california coast gives us access to some of the world’s most sought after nature and adventure activities. We even include family in our excursions. FOr information on our extended care programs for addiction and dual diagnosis treatment, call 1-800-380-0012.