Sobriety Is Sexy

shutterstock_290400200Maybe you started using to fit in. Maybe it does help you fit in—with the wrong people. When it comes to finding a significant other, drug use is seldom thought of as an attractive quality. The dating world may consist of a lot of bars and wining and dining, but more important than that is having your life together. You want your significant other to be genuinely happy. If they need alcohol or drugs as a crutch, and are unable to control their actions, then the chances of a healthy relationship between you and them won’t be healthy. Anyone who’s sobered up from a bout of drug use knows that sobriety makes you sexier on a number of different levels.


You’ll look better. Heavy booze and drug use causes issues with body weight and skin by decreasing quality of sleep and filling the body with unnatural, invasive chemicals. It’s not just methamphetamine that does this; it’s everything, from cigarettes to heroin.


You’ll have cash in your pocket. Maybe it’s shallow to look at wealth as a “sexy” quality. At the very least, though, you want a potential significant other to be financially independent—to have some money saved up. If you can’t drive yourself to a date or invite your date to a place of your own, those are big negatives.


You’re strong. Alcoholics, even those who have recovered, face a stigma that they are weak. In reality, it’s one of the toughest battles to win, and doing so implies great strength—not weakness. You may feel pressured to drink socially, and essentially relapse, in front of your date as a means of hiding your alcoholism. Try the opposite approach; show no shame, and you’ll appear stronger, and sexier, for it.


You’re comfortable just being you. Most people drink, at least a little. Being sober makes you stick out from the crowd, and that appearance of self-assurance—you don’t need to drink to have a great time—implies confidence. And everyone knows confidence is sexy.


You have your affairs in order. Because sobriety is rare, and because alcohol consumption is equated with non-productivity, a sober person is generally looked at as an organized person: they’re going above and beyond to be clear-headed and responsible, so they must have their lives together—or at least be on the fast track to getting there. When someone obviously cares about their status in life, that’s obviously sexy.