Staying Sober On the Road

shutterstock_261517379The trucking business is, unfortunately, infamous for having a large number of drug-addicted drivers. There are numerous reasons for the paradigm. It’s hard for addicts to stay sober on the road. They have no support network, or company at all. They are confined to a routine of little activity, and a lot time to juggle with their own thoughts. With no familiar faces around to judge or voice concern, and with a lot of fellow travelers drinking in the various places to stop and relax, the tendency to indulge is often at its highest. This applies to vacations, too, depending on who accompanies the addict.


There are strategies one can learn to keep their outing a clean and sober one, no matter how long, boring, or draining it may be.


If you’re planning a vacation, take into account that wine, beer, and other alcohol beverages are the backbone of a lot of tourist attractions (and attractions in general). Go for outdoor or family-oriented activities where drinks aren’t offered. Whether you are embarking on a vacation of a work trip, research your route and the attractions you’ll be passing. Maybe there’s something you’d like to see that could help ease your mind.
And if you can, bring a support network with you. Say you travel for work and cannot bring your family—utilize technology. Establish a group of supportive people with whom you plan to contact while on the road. There are also a number of stay-sober apps you can download for your smartphone. (These apps, like Sobertool, make use of encouraging messages, daily reflection exercise, and tips for avoiding relapse.)