Depression Doesn’t Always Live On The Surface

  From the minute someone with depression wakes up to the minute they go to sleep, they are confronted with the symptoms of their depression, without any advanced warning of how intense the symptoms will be. Mornings can be particularly difficult when someone with depression has to challenge themselves to get out of bed and

4 Facts About Mental Illness That Will Make You Feel Better About Having One

  You are not alone with your mental illness. Millions of people around the world live with a diagnosis. Millions more people live struggling with the symptoms of mental illness undiagnosed and untreated.   Everybody’s Got Something: There’s nothing worse than living with depression and having someone tell you to cheer up, or living with

Does DBT Work For All Areas Of Mental Health?

  When cognitive behavioral therapy was introduced in the 1980’s it was met with great success. Initially focused on supporting people with anxiety and depression, all forms of mental health was finding support from cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. Today, cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based practice, considered a leading method for treating mental health. Despite

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Benefits Transcend Treatment

  Recognizing thoughts. Identifying beliefs. Changing behaviors. It’s a practice most people would admit they would benefit from. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence based, scientifically backed therapy method which has been proven to work across mental health disorders since its development in the 1980s. Goal-oriented, cognitive behavioral therapy, most often referred to as CBT,

For College Students, Mental Health Should Become Priority, Not Grades

College students are known for living by a “work hard play hard” philosophy. Inundated with school work, extracurricular activities, and growing economic pressure due to student loans, there is heavy emphasis on drinking in college culture. The combination of academic stress, economic stress, and the stress of an uncertain future can become unmanageable. Many students

Is Mental Health Easy To Detect?

Mental health disorders can be specific. Being able to diagnose a particular mental health disorder on your own will be a challenge. If you are concerned that a loved one is experiencing struggles with mental health, there are general signs and symptoms you can look for. Often, those who are struggling with mental health issues

Feel A Panic Attack Coming? Know The Signs And What To Do

Panic attacks are not pleasant. Living with a panic disorder can mean living with chronic panic attacks. However, being in recovery and doing heavy mental processing can lead to experiencing a panic attack. Signs Of A Panic Attack: Your heart rate suddenly kicks up with no apparent trigger or reason You feel as though you

What It’s Like To Live With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder isn’t often discussed in the full capacity to which it should be. Some scoff at the idea of body dysmorphia as a disorder of vanity and self-obsession. Few realize the dangerous, painful, and debilitating lengths body dysmorphia can come to without help. In general, body dysmorphic disorder is an unhealthy fixation on

Nature Is Good For You. Here’s How Much Of It You Need.

The facts are undeniable. Spending time in nature makes you a happier, healthier, person. Whether you’re on an excursion across the globe or across your backyard, being outside in the elements for even a short amount of time improves your wellbeing, mind, body, and spirit. According to Mindful, “spending 60 minutes in nature helps you

Neurofeedback For Mental Health Recovery

The use of neurofeedback is becoming a standard in treatment for mental health disorders. Learn more about how it works and why it is an important tool for recovery here. How Neurofeedback Works Electrodes are placed on the head in five distinct areas to collect electric pulses from brain waves. The client sits comfortably while