Benefits Of Long Term Addiction Treatment


The 30 day model of addiction treatment is rapidly becoming a treatment of the past. For full autonomy and success of recovery, long term addiction treatment which gradually increases independence is critical.


  • More time in treatment is more time sober: Research has proven that a longer length of stay in treatment results in better outcomes for long term sobriety. The longer someone is under the care of a treatment center in active programming, the longer they are staying sober. Though some treatment centers employ a “slip” policy, many employ a no tolerance policy for relapse. Staying committed to a long term program builds relationships trust, security, and meaning, which work against cravings for relapse.
  • Transitioning through phases of treatment: One of the issues with the 30 day treatment model is that clients are expected to return to the full responsibilities of daily life after just 30 days clean and sober, with some therapy, learning, and healing. Though a month is a long time, when it is compared to what is often years of drug and alcohol abuse, it is a very short amount of time. Long term treatment is usually a step down process, slowly increasing the amount of independence and responsibility a client assumes for themselves. Rather than be overwhelmed by responsibility and default to relapse, clients move through a gradual system, clinically supported and joined by peers.
  • Gaining more life skills: Part of the benefit of moving through a long term treatment program phasically is the opportunity to gain more life skills. Talk therapy, holistic healing, and other components of treatment all have their importance contributing to an overall recovery lifestyle. Life skills are essential to effectively managing the many demands of autonomous living. From diet and nutrition to financial management, every area of life needs to be redefined.
  • Community building: When a group graduates phases of treatment together, they grow together. Learning about each other on a deep, emotional level, clients have the opportunity to create authentic, meaningful relationships based on healthy boundaries and connections. We’re proud of the alumni community which grows from our treatment programs at LEAD. Many of our graduates remain local after treatment, contributing to our alumni community, working as our program staff, and mentoring new clients.



LEAD Recovery Center provides transitional care programs through a multiphase system. Clients have the potential of being in our care for 14 months, bringing them to their first year of sobriety in a safe and structured environment. For information on our addiction treatment programs, call us today at 800-380-0012.