Feeling Extra Anxious Or Depressed? Lower Your Social Media Time

Social media is in an ever increasingly complicated relationship with mental health. From body image to self esteem, anxiety and depression to addiction, social media is proving to be less than helpful to maintaining good mental health. 65% of Americans interact with their social media platforms multiple times a day. Three of the most popular,

Could The Answer To Video Game Addiction Be More Online Interaction?

Mental illness is isolating. No matter what the diagnosis is, almost everyone who struggles with a mental illness feels bitterly alone in their struggles. Some diagnoses are more isolating than others. As mental illness continues to become part of the mainstream narrative, opening dialogues is helping people feel they are not so alone. Often in

Depression Might Have A Purpose, Which Will Change The Way It’s Treated-

There is little denying the heavy weight of depression. Whether you have lived with the mental illness personally or been in a relationship with someone who is struggling with depression, the worldwide facts about depression bear its burden. For example, the World Health Organization cites that over 350 million people live with depression globally. In

Depression Got You Down? Here’s The Upside To What You’re Going Through

Depression can cause you to feel a lot of things in a very heavy way. Unfortunately, some of those things aren’t the most pleasant. For example, you might feel unmotivated, hopeless, helpless, and melancholy. Without the inspiration, interest and passion you need to encourage you, you often just give up. Handing in the towel is

Are You Putting Off Recovery? You Might Be Depressed

Nobody has to go to treatment. Most everybody who is being prompted to do so by their own intuition or the urging of others, probably should. There are dozens of legitimate reasons why people can’t go to treatment including life responsibilities which cannot be turned over to anyone else under certain circumstances. Additionally, there are

ADHD And Co-Occurring Disorders, By The Numbers

It goes one of two ways: either the ADHD has been identified or the co-occurring disorders have been identified. For example, treating doctors are aware that there is a struggling with depression but fail to see the symptoms of ADHD. Conversely, they might notice the symptoms of ADHD but fail to identify the symptoms of

What Do People Need To Know About Mental Health Disorders?

Despite growing awareness and information, mental health disorders are still widely misunderstood. Anyone Can Be Affected Mental illness is largely inherited through genetics. Due to environmental circumstances or life events, anyone can develop a mental illness in which the chemistry of their brains becomes unbalanced or they lose sense of their ability to control emotions.

Are You A Millennial Struggling With Mental Health At Work?

Depression is a globally experienced mental health disorder, more than any other. According to the World Health Organization, over 350 million people struggle with depression worldwide. In America, a significant population of those who are living with depression are those in the millennial generation. To be considered part of the millennial generation, one must have