What You Might Not Know When Someone In Your Life Has Anxiety

Anxiety can be a silent struggle. When anxiety becomes so normalized in someone’s life it can get easier to hide it. If someone in your life is living with anxiety, they could be living with these experiences all the time. Anxiety has no answers: where anxiety comes from, how anxiety develops, and how to make

Depression Got You Down? Here’s The Upside To What You’re Going Through

Depression can cause you to feel a lot of things in a very heavy way. Unfortunately, some of those things aren’t the most pleasant. For example, you might feel unmotivated, hopeless, helpless, and melancholy. Without the inspiration, interest and passion you need to encourage you, you often just give up. Handing in the towel is

Relax? Just Do It! 8 Ways To Relax, Right Now

Breathing Exercises The breath is the source of life. When you are struggling to find a moment to connect, your breath is the way to go. By bringing your attention back to your breath, you immediately connect to yourself. Usually when you get stressed out you become disconnected. The breath is grounding and helps bring