10 Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes


shutterstock_210223813Smoking is a dangerous habit and can cause many diseases and issues. Cigarettes can increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. In fact, smoking is the number one cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Many people would like to quit, but the average person takes 5 – 10 tries to quit for good. Although the long term effects can be startling, we sometimes need a smaller push to quit. The following are common reasons to quit smoking.

Smelling like smoke can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Although it is a common side effect of smoking, the stench associated with it is not pleasant. Many people do not like entering cars or restaurants with the smell, and hugging people is even less appealing. In addition, smoking damages your taste and smell. The smoke causes you to lose your ability to experience food and the environment as strongly as you could before smoking.

The chemicals accompanying smoking can constrict your blood vessels, depriving your tissues of much needed oxygen. This can cause premature aging which, while not fatal, is not a desirable effect. The cigarettes also can stain your hands, skin, and face from the toxic chemicals contained within.

One of the biggest issues is social pressure. Smoking is falling more and more into an unfavorable light, and smokers are being pushed to the edges of social groups. Close friends may be urging you to quit, family might be pressuring you, and the glances on the street are not comfortable. Some smokers feel guilty as they leave an event to smoke, sometimes retreating around a corner or other alcove to shield themselves from others.

Dating is another issue. Many ads have text asking for no smokers, and a date can take a turn for the worse if you light a cigarette on your stroll through the park. Fewer people are in favor of smoking, and it is becoming increasingly looked down upon by the general population. Although there are many people against it, there are physical reasons to quit smoking, one being impotence. Smoking causes the blood cells to shrink, especially in places where dilation is needed. This can make it difficult for men to achieve erection.

Smokers are also at a higher risk of getting an infection. The cilia hairs in our body protect us from infection. Smoking paralyzes them, allowing more infectious bacteria through and resulting in many more colds or flu. Another health risk is how smoking affects the lives of others. Many people die from second hand smoke, and subjecting your loved one to the dangers of smoke is not easy on the mind. It can also cause your lungs and heart to work harder, resulting in more difficulty when completing physical acts.

If the reasons listed cannot convince you, let the price deter you from smoking. Cigarettes are expensive, and the prices are rising. If you want to quit, there are many ways in which you can seek help. Lead Treatment Center is here to guide you through your addiction and help you find sturdy ground to build your new life upon. Call (800) 380-0012 for more information.