The Best Approach For Managing Your Anxiety

Anxiety can both inspire and be inspired by substance abuse. After so many years of relying upon drugs and alcohol to cope with fears and anxious feelings, people are left unprepared to cope with the anxiety which has always been present. A commonly co-occurring disorder with substance abuse.

Try To Understand Your Anxiety

If you are seeking treatment for a co-occurring mental health disorder or anxiety you are going to learn a lot about it, how it affects your brain, and how you can learn to manage it. Getting an understanding of what anxiety is and how anxiety works is the first step to learning to live with anxiety. Right now, there is no real defined “cure” for anxiety. What we have is a wealth of evidence based practices which are proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and make your life unmanageable.

Differentiate Anxiety As A Mental Health Disorder And Anxiety Due To Stress

The anxiety we experience is not always due to a diagnosable mental health disorder caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains. OFtentimes, we develop anxiety as a response to the stress in our lives. Trauma, abuse, substance abuse or even our jobs can cause us to experience anxiety. Anxiety attacks are not limited to those who are diagnosed with anxiety. However, those who experience anxiety as the result of any kind of stress and those who live with it daily due to a mental health disorder will have starkly different experiences.

Develop Calming Practices

Telling someone with anxiety to calm down is probably the most counterproductive thing we can do. Trying to just tell yourself to calm down is not going to be productive for helping yourself through anxiety. Using different relaxation techniques to create calm both physically and psychologically will actually reduce your anxiety and even remove it entirely from the moment. Mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises, and physical exercise can help. Find what works best for you that helps you get connected to the present moment instead of where your anxious thoughts are taking you.

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