The Lifetime Value of Discipline

shutterstock_188592701Recovering from an addiction is a process of mental strength, willpower, and treatment. But above all things, the core of recovery is an artform that has gone out of fashion in the modern consumer culture; Discipline.


Many people look at discipline as restrictive rules and dogmatic practices that limit your options as an individual.  We watch awe-inspiring martial artists like Bruce Lee achieve near super-human feats and accredit his mastery to years of studied, ascetic discipline.  It seems like so much work and dedication, and is often associated with giving things up in life.  To freedom-waving Americans that sounds like a load of bull.  We should be able to do anything and everything we want, right? That’s freedom.


Discipline is more than just putting restrictions on yourself.  True discipline is about mastering yourself so that you can make controlled decisions in each moment.  If your mind is cluttered and buzzing all the time, distracted and pulled this way or that, you aren’t really in control of yourself or your life. You think you’re “free” but you’re really just at the mercy of the forces around you.  Cravings, desires, emotions, reactions…


The true art of self control is something every addict must learn in order to recover from the grip of addiction. Discipline is the practice of keeping yourself in check and doing only that which you consciously choose to do for your own highest good, or the good of others. This practice includes;

  • Monitoring yourself closely and noting your own personal habits or inclinations
  • Defining a code or set of values and daily practices to adhere yourself to for consistency
  • Dedicating yourself to this daily practice and internalizing the code
  • Rewarding yourself in a controlled manner when you reach certain milestones


Adhering yourself to a daily practice of exercise and clear mind meditation, a healthy diet, and a day full of actions that advance you toward your goals in life, this is the heart of Discipline and the way out of addiction. If you can master your cravings and develop your own conscious control of your daily life, the world is open to you and your life will be much less cluttered by anxiety, stress, and distractions.


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