4 Facts About Mental Illness That Will Make You Feel Better About Having One


You are not alone with your mental illness. Millions of people around the world live with a diagnosis. Millions more people live struggling with the symptoms of mental illness undiagnosed and untreated.


  • Everybody’s Got Something: There’s nothing worse than living with depression and having someone tell you to cheer up, or living with anxiety and having someone tell you to calm down. The unique experience of living with the specific symptomologies of mental illness is different for everyone. Mental illness exists on what is often referred to as a “spectrum”. Whether you’re on the severe end of a diagnosis or on the subtle side of some symptoms, everybody’s got something. We all have a peculiarity, a thing that digs at our minds, and we deal with them in different ways.
  • Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health: You cannot ignore mental health. Like a festering open wound, a broken bone, or a high fever, mental health has to be addressed before it gets worse. It’s always possible things will mend and heal on their own. However, there is always help available through treatment to quicken the healing process with more efficiency and a higher protection against future injury. You matter. Your mental health matters.
  • Everyone Has Feelings: People who have been diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders like psychopathy have a constitutional inability to authentically connect with their emotions. They have a demonstrated difficulty in truly identifying with and experiencing emotion. For everyone else in the world, they have feelings. Feelings are part of being a conscious being. Feelings separate human from machine. Having feelings, even strong, overwhelming, confusing, frustrating feelings, is normal.
  • Recovery From Mental Illness Is Inspiring: “One day your story will help another person” is something many people in treatment here. It feels like a large, impossible job. You feel weak, broken, and unwanted. How could someone be inspired by the mess you feel you are? In weakness there is ultimate strength. Your story of struggle, perseverance and recovery will give someone the strength they need to overcome their mental health challenges, ask for help, and seek treatment.

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