For College Students, Mental Health Should Become Priority, Not Grades

College students are known for living by a “work hard play hard” philosophy. Inundated with school work, extracurricular activities, and growing economic pressure due to student loans, there is heavy emphasis on drinking in college culture. The combination of academic stress, economic stress, and the stress of an uncertain future can become unmanageable. Many students suffer because they cannot take care of themselves properly anymore. With a heavy schedule, it can be challenging to make room for mental health care, especially without the tools for doing so. Sadly, many college students overdose, burn out, have a mental breakdown, or face crisis in their mental health. Tragically, the pressure to excel, succeed, and graduate prevents many students from taking the time off they need to support their mental health.

Leaving College To Go To Treatment

People go back to school at every age out of obligation, personal determination, to start a degree, or to finish a degree. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Our plans for life are made significantly more complicated when we try living with an untreated mental health disorder or substance use disorder. If we struggle to make it through school we might damage our grades, our reputations, our chances for post-graduate work, and most importantly, our mental health. There are lessons we might not be getting from our textbooks and lecture halls- everything happens on time. Now is always the time to seek treatment for mental health or addiction issues. Most colleges and universities offer medical leave options which protect a student’s rights and guarantee them a return to school. After treatment, there might be opportunities to relocate, chase a different passion, and redefine the “plan” for life we thought we had.

School And Treatment Can Go Hand In Hand

LEAD Recovery Center offers transitional living programs where college age students can continue their therapeutic recovery while making plans to go back to school, and eventually going back to school. Through our multiphase program, clients gain back their autonomy, gradually working toward full independence. Our specialized counselors help clients make realistic life plans and timelines for school, create balanced schedules, and maintain accountability for managing mental health. Focusing on health and balance, clients go back to school transformed students.


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