Feel A Panic Attack Coming? Know The Signs And What To Do

Panic attacks are not pleasant. Living with a panic disorder can mean living with chronic panic attacks. However, being in recovery and doing heavy mental processing can lead to experiencing a panic attack.

Signs Of A Panic Attack:

  • Your heart rate suddenly kicks up with no apparent trigger or reason
  • You feel as though you can’t breath to the point of experiencing pain in your chest
  • You feel dizzy and faint like you might pass out
  • Your throat tightens up and you feel like you can’t swallow your breath
  • You’re suddenly convinced you’re about to die
  • You feel completely out of control of your body, like you might be experiencing death or a stroke
  • You completely believe you are going insane in this moment and losing your mind
  • You start to shake and get the chills
  • You can’t describe it any other way than “Something is wrong!”

What To Do When A Panic Attack Is Coming On


  • Tell yourself you’re about to have a panic attack: Your brain might need some extra convincing that everything is really okay. Panic attacks don’t last more than 20-25 minutes at the most. Afterward, you will be exhausted and little traumatized from the experience. Nonetheless, the experience will pass and you will feel better soon.
  • Try to distract yourself: Knowing that you’re about to have a panic attack, you can help your brain shift gears and get out of the fear mode. Try taking a walk, doing some yoga, practicing deep breathing, or engaging in a creative activity.
  • Keep Breathing: Breathing helps bring oxygen to the brain which causes it to relax and reduce its state of stress. Focusing on the breath will shift the attention from your panic to a more mindful place.


  • Call A Friend: If you are prone to panic attacks, your friends should be aware of how they can help you through one when you aren’t able to help yourself. Try playing the senses game where you focus on 5-8 things you can notice within each sense. They can talk your through and remind you that you are okay, in perfectly good health, and will get through this panic attack.




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