Could Your Codependency Actually Make You A Better Person?

Codependency hurts. When we become codependent, it feels as though a giant hole has been drilled inside our spirits and here is no way to cure it. As codependents, we think we know how to cure it. That is, we think we know that other people will better know how to cure it. We cling to people, places, and things, as though they might be able to fix what we cannot fix ourselves. Sometimes, we appoint the fixing on them by trying to fix them, rescue them, and control them in some way. Inevitably, we become disappointed. Disappointment in codependency is accompanied by a treacherous amount of emotional pain. We love too much, we take too little, and we lose our sense of boundaries. Could it be possible that codependency isn’t all bad? Characteristics of codependency, when lived in a healthy way, make up the characteristics of a healthy and happy individual who can be in loving relationships.

You Have A LOT Of Love To Give

Codependents are notorious for giving too much love, being too caring, and using their nurturing to be invasive rather than helpful. By working on your codependency you learn to create healthy boundaries and moderate the way you connect to and give to others. In the process, you identify that, whatever the source, you are an incredibly loving and giving person. Today’s world is full of greed and selfishness which could use a little more thoughtfulness, consideration, giving, and compassion. Don’t forget to continue loving and giving to yourself.

You’re Pretty Good At Sensing What’s Going On

It’s likely you grew up in a home where someone, like a parent, needed to be taken care of. You felt out of control in your environment and the only way to get love was to give love, even when it was unhealthy. As a result, you’ve trained yourself to be keen on what’s going on with people around you, because you’re prepared to jump into caretaking mode. Through recovery from codependency, you learn not to jump into the drama triangle, but to observe what’s going on. Then, from a healthy perspective, you can decide what actions you should or shouldn’t take. Your awareness can help raise mindfulness for others.

You’re Great At Being YOU!

Recovery from codependency includes self-discovery, self-kindness, and independence. You’re learning how to be you, love you for who you are, and do everything you can to build that self-esteem. The result? You’re awesome! You are relying on yourself because you believe in yourself and that makes you pretty great. Set an example for others by encouraging them to believe in who they are, too.


Codependency recovery can be emotionally taxing and painful. Recovering in a loving environment which encourages autonomy and independence is key. LEAD Recovery Center offers transitional treatment programs designed to help clients grow into their independence. For more information, call us today at 1-800-380-0012.