Heroin and the Ease of Addiction


Developing an addiction to heroin is incredibly easy, as it strongly affects the body’s central nervous system. Because of its intensely euphoric effects, continued use can quickly lead to an addiction. According to the CDC, non-hispanic white males aged 18- to 25 years old and people living in large metropolitan areas are at the most

How Methadone is Used to Treat Heroin Addiction


Individuals who are addicted to heroin and other opiate products, including oxycodone, will experience severe and often-dangerous physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when they stop using these drugs. Those symptoms are cited as a primary reason for relapses when heroin addicts are in rehab. Methadone is used to ease the worst of those symptoms and

What to Expect from Quitting Heroin


  The first and foremost thing to emphasize when discussing heroin addiction is the importance of seeking help. Heroin is a very dangerous drug to abuse and quitting can be equally dangerous. It takes hold of the body and doesn’t let go without a fight. Heroin is an incredibly powerful painkiller in the opioid family