Medication Management? Use An App For That

Coming to treatment can mean discovering underlying health issues and co-occurring disorders which have never been treated before. Medication might become part of your life, either for a while, or for a lifetime. Managing medication in a safe and responsible way is possible because, like with so many things, there’s an app for that.

What A Medication Management App Will Help You Do


  • Create An Inventory Of Your Medication: Some apps even let you take pictures of your pills to identify them more specifically. You can fill in data like how many pills are in your prescription, what date it was filled, and when it is projected to be filled again. Each day as you log taking your medicine, the app updates the inventory.
  • Be Reminded Of How To Take Your Medication: Does that afternoon medication have to be taken with a snack or not? It can be hard to remember. A medication management app will help you to keep track of notes from the pharmacy so you can take your medication the right way.
  • Get Reminders To Take Your Medication: Most medication management apps will have a function for what time of day your medication needs to be taken. Interacting with your phone’s notification settings, you can choose how far ahead of your medication time you want to be reminded to take it. Reminders can also be set for when your medication is running low and you need to call the pharmacy.
  • Stay Accountable With Others: Managing medication in recovery can be a challenge. Surrendering to the fact that you need medication can be difficult. Remembering to take your medication can be difficult. There are apps which connect automatically with members of your trusted circle like your therapist, your sponsor, and your supportive family members. When you miss logging your medication too many times in a row or don’t update information after a refill, your network is notified.
  • Remember That Medication Is OK In Recovery: You’re using an app to manage your medication. That’s pretty good! Likely, there was another time in your life when you were unable to manage your medication on your own. Being proactive about medication management is a positive sign of growth and development in recovery.


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