Fentanyl Continues To Be Fatal Problem In America

From 2013 to 2014 the number of overdose deaths involving the synthetic opioid painkiller fentanyl more than doubled. Though the name fentanyl only became household after numerous celebrity deaths involving the drug last year, the synthetic substance has been problematic for some time. 1,905 people became 4,200 in the matter of twelve months. That’s almost

4 Facts About The Opioid Epidemic

Despite the drastic rise in opioid overdoses and addiction, some areas of the country are finally starting to see a decrease in the number of active addicts as well as the number of overdose deaths. However, the opioid epidemic still continues to be a severe problem for specific areas of the US including Ohio, New

China’s Ban On Synthetics Good For US Drug Problem

2016 saw the rise of synthetic drugs causing overdose deaths and problems in the US. It was quickly understood that the bulk of synthetic drugs was coming from manufacturers in China. Since the number of overdose deaths due to synthetic drugs started rising drastically, both the US and China started taking measures to put an